Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Bum buddies

Sex toy online store sent me the Bum Buddies Rear End Rapture Butt Plug in Intermediate by Adam and Eve Toys. Yeah, yeah, dumb name, I know, but give the toy a chance.

When I got the toy, my heart fell a little bit. This is once again an instance of my eyes being bigger then my ass. I swear, I do read the specs on these toys, but in my head, they're always smaller then they are when they show up. However, this toy is nice. The silicone feels velvety and has just a bit of give. I love the feel of it, I love squeezing it, and kind of want to rub it on my cheek. However, this love the the toy doesn't actually translate to me loving the toy inside me.

I tried everything, lots of lube, (water based of course), getting off first (once then more then once), and spending time warming myself with fingers first. It didn't work. I only managed to get the entire toy inside me twice, and since there wasn't much of an indent before the base, as soon as I got it in, it would just pop right back out again. I would be fine with holding the toy in play if I didn't, you know, need my hands to be doing other things to get me off. However, I did try just putting the smaller tip of the toy and masturbating with just that in, and that was good, as I generally enjoy something in my butt while I use a toy in my vag. Again, this toy wasn't for me, but I think with some more time, patience and work, it probably could be. (I'll just add that short stubby arms are not ideal for someone who likes to play with their own butt.) I also am really looking forward to using this toy with a partner. I have more patience when I'm with a partner, I'm also not all tense from being contorted into an uncomfortable position. I could see really enjoying this toy in my butt while I have vaginal sex with a partner. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have no way of testing this theory, but if I do, I will be sure to give everyone an update.

Now, the run down, first, the things I liked about this toy

1.The packaging. This first plus took me by surprise, I saw the picture online and thought, it would be just another toy a picture of a half naked girl, a bar code, and that's it, but if you ignore the cheesy ass picture on the front, the packaging of this toy is great. There is TONS of info on there! It states right on the front that is it phthalate and latex free, it outlines care instructions, reminds you to use water based lube, and suggests you try heating or cooling it. Impressive, Adam and Eve toys, now get rid of the naked girl on the front and you would be perfect.

2. It's silicone. Who doesn't love silicone? It's soft, it has some give, which is the main thing my other favorite material, glass, doesn't have. It's easy to clean (dishwasher, top rack, sans soap, 10% bleach solution, boil for 3 minutes), phthalate free, and has a nice soft feel to it. Just remember that you can't use silicone lube with it, or it will break down your toys. Since it's made for anal play, make sure you get a good, high quality, thick WATER BASED lube. I like Maximus, but any kind you like is fine.

3. It has a nice slight curve to it. It, for the small amount of time that it was fully inserted, it felt nice against my G spot. I'm really anticipating using this toy with a partner, since I think if I could have this toy in while having sex, it would feel AMAZING.

The only main thing I didn't love about this toy is the size. Honestly, I'm impatient when I masturbate. I cum really quickly, so the idea of warming up my ass, getting the toy in, and the clean up all taking considerably longer then it took for me to get off doesn't seem worth it. Mainly, this is because I'm the quickest, no nonsense masturbator ever. I get in, get off, get out, and am back to how I started in about 10 minutes. Like i said, this isn't the case when I'm with a sex partner, and I feel like this toy would be much better suited for that, for me.

However, I think that shouldn't discourage those who are looking for slightly bigger butt plugs, since I recommend the toy as a whole. If you'd like to buy this sex toy or any of their other anal toys, head over to

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