Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Ben Wa Balls

In the first batch of sex toys I was able to chose to review from I also chose a set of ben wa balls by California Exotics. I'm slightly obsessed with Kegel muscles and exercising them. It's good for you in general, and I've been over that before so I won't go into too much detail, but I'm always looking for a good exerciser that I can use anywhere (not the kind you have to lay in bed to do.)

My first experience with the ben wa balls was, to be honest, forgettable. I put them in, no problem, being glass and me always being at least slightly wet, they slid in easily. However, once they were in, I couldn't feel them at all. i did jumping jacks, I ran errands, I sat, laid down, tried every position I could think of, and I couldn't feel them inside of me. However, this was a few months ago when I was getting laid way more then I am now. When I tried again more recently, the experience was a little different. When I first put the ben wa balls in, I could feel them in a pleasant, full, way. However, once they worked their way farther up, I once again couldn't feel them.

Taking them out was an... interesting experience. First, I would suggest taking them out sitting on the toilet, since flexing those muscles and pushing will totally make you pee. Also, I put them in and forgot about them, and almost lost it down the toilet when I started to pee. However, occasionally they would be very far up and take a bit of pushing and fishing with my fingers to get them out. This was both a good thing, as it gave me an actual workout, but I have a bit of an imagination, and whenever they were difficult to get out, I would have visions of my roommate having to get them out, or a not so fun trip to the doctor. Like I said, I have an active imagination.

So the breakdown of the toy, cause we all know how I like my lists...
1. They're cute. I'm not very girly, but something about these just made me really happy. How can you not love little purple butterflies in glass?

2. They're glass. Yes, I love glass, yes we've been over this, but the quick rundown of why it's great, they're durable, they're smooth, easy to clean/sanitize (top rack of dishwasher sans soap, 10% bleach solution, or boil for 3-5 minutes), and it requires very little lube.

However, in the end, this just wasn't the toy for me for one main reason, they were too light. They didn't really give me an adequate workout like I was looking for, or at least a feeling for fullness. However, I would recommend them for someone who is looking to start out with an easy Kegel exerciser, just make sure you're comfortable having to fish them out. If you're looking for this, or one of their many other dildos or toys head over to Thank you for giving me the chance to review these ben wa balls.

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