Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Joy of the Pelt

Back in the day.... and yes, I am using that phrase to reference the 1970's... Men were HAIRY. Just look at Burt up there. Frankly, I think he's sexy as hell. Yes, I admit that I prefer my male sexual partners to trim their public hair, but that's mainly because I enjoy sucking their balls, and it's easier to deep throat without 2 inches of hair going up my nose. However, other body hair is a completely different story. Personally, I generally think, the more the better.

Granted, I am fully in support of people who shave for various reasons. I had on sex partner who was very fair skinned with about a dozen multi directional hairs in the middle of his chest. He found shaving it to be easier. I also know a guy who's hair only grows on one pec, so he shaves it, again, I totally understand that. Finally, they're not really my type, but I also get body builders who shave for competitions to better display muscle definition.

That said, I HATE this metrosexual, manscaping thing that has taken over our men. If I wanted to lay on a hairless chest, I'd be having sex with a woman. A, one of the sexiest men I dated was of Persian decent. He was hairy pretty much from head to toe. However, he was self conscious about it. The first time he disrobed in front of me, he apologized. Frankly, I find this just as ridiculous as a woman feeling the need for apologizing for not having a completely hairless pussy.

Hair is natural. Body hair is one of the defining characteristics of being male. Desiring men to have no body hair is resigning them to look like little boys. Gay men have an entire subset of men that both love and embody this idea (bears and otters and sexiness oh my!) but straight women haven't really done this. Are their fetish sites out there for women who want to see hairy men? I don't think so, but I'd love to know if there were.

Laying next to a guy who has a a good amount of chest hair was always one of my favorite things about sleeping with men. I used to really enjoy the feeling of chest hair against my skin, it also reduced that stick to each other feeling where after laying together when you get up and it feels like getting off a leather couch with bare skin. It's warm, it's soft, and it's just hot to be able to grab someone's chest hair in ecstasy. My roommate also pointed out the fun of the difference in texture with hair vs. skin, saying there is so much more than you can do with hair as compared to skin.

So can we just do away with the manscaping now guys?

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