Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review : Wet products

A while ago, the fab people at Wet sent me some products for review. I've said before I don't want this to become just a review site, so I promise to only post reviews between my regular updates. Anyway... I was fully expecting little single use packets. I was shocked to find small bottles and full sized products, but I appreciated it.

The first product I tried was Wet's Total Body Shave in Forbidden Fruit. I'm not really a shaved bare kind of girl, mainly because I'm lazy and have been the victim myself of getting stubble rash from eating a recently shaved girl out, so I generally go for an electric razor, but in the interest of the blog, I went all in and fully shaved my bush. I liked the shave cream (which is saying a lot, I usually use all natural stuff from Whole Foods that is amazing, so I'm a shave cream snob.) and have continued to use it on my legs and underarms. It rubs in completely, conditions my skin well, and makes for a smooth shave. I did get some in grown hairs, but less then usual, and the guy I presented my newly shorn chuff to that night stated it was a nice close shave.

I'm not the most girly girl, so when I saw "Forbidden Fruit" I was a little leery of it. I've never really liked all those scented lotions. I like to smell clean, like shampoo and soap, not like I've dipped my crotch in some sort of sun ripened cotton field with cucumber melons. It's just not my style. The shaving cream has a smell, and I can't completely place it, but I like it. It's sweet, but not overly so, and light, so it's not overpowering. I would totally recommend it, especially over those crap girly shave gels like skinimiate and all that.

I also got a small bottle of Wet's Clear Flavored Body Glide in Kiwi Strawberry. Even though the bottle says sugar free and the website seems to say it wouldn't cause your chuff to go all wonky (hello yeast infection), I've never been one to trust artifically flavored (or, now that I think about it, really anything flavored) things near my vag, but I've never been one to need lube for plain old penis in vag sex (I didn't have an ex nickname me slip and slide for nothing). I also personally can't imagine the taste of kiwi strawberry mixed with chuff. Two good (well at least kiwi strawberry is good in theory) that do not go well together. I LIKE the taste of eating a girl out, it's half the fun. So I decided against using it for vaginal sex.

I did bust it out with DFB for anal play. We both just tried it on our fingers first. I didn't like it, but I'm a bit of a foodie and mainly vegan, so something so obviously artificially sweet wasn't really my thing anyway. DFB didn't love it, but thought it tasted pretty good. I did notice that it didn't have a bitter aftertaste like some do, but it left that super sweet taste in my mouth like diet soda does. I used my silicone strap on on DFB and tried it out. It's a little thin for my tastes. I know some people like that consistency, but for me, it just made it easier for me to drip on the bed. I also compulsively use more when it is not as viscous, but there was no need to reapply. DFB then used it to put first a toy then his cock in my ass. It did it's job, but he agreed that the liquidiness of it made it a bit more messy for him as well. All in all, a decent lube, especially if you enjoy lubes with a thinner consistency. I'm not a fan of flavored lubes in general, I like the taste of the things I put my mouth on, or I wouldn't put my mouth on them, but if it's a problem for you, this taste would probably take care of that.

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  1. I haven't used any of the products that you tried. But I am (was) a big fan of Wet's "Wet Platinum". Folks if you haven't tried this stuff it is amazing. Everyone I introduce it to (that is use it on) gets addicted to it. It's expensive though, $17 (US) a bottle. Anyway. My ex and I loved the stuff. It was perfect because it stays wet and slippery for a very very long time and because it is silicone based it is okay to move into oral sex (no taste) and use with condoms. The other plus, is I have very sensitive skin and hypersensitivity to scents and this stuff caused no reactions. However, the folks at Wet changed the ingredients (from 2007/2008) and now I cannot fall asleep with Wet Platinum on or it starts to irritate my skin. I have to finish playing and shower. I'm really bummed. Because I bought a brand new 8.9 oz bottle in November and then for Christmas my ex sent me two more 8.9 oz bottles of Premium Wet Platinum. I have enough lube to last a lifetime!

    Anyway. I give 5 stars to Wet Platinum. You should try it.


    "I like to smell clean, like shampoo and soap, not like I've dipped my crotch in some sort of sun ripened cotton field with cucumber melons."

    ROFL...I hear ya! I'm so with ya on that point.