Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Adventures in Online Dating: Episode 3

I'm a bit of an insominac sometimes and lately I've been up past 2 most nights. When I'm bored I like to troll around my dating site to pass the time. I've said before there is an IM feature. Last night I was on, talking to a boy who had written and interesting and thoughtful message to me and who happened to also be on super late, for about a hour. Over the course of that hour, I got 2 separate messages of "WOULD YOU LIKE BIG COCK?" (yes, in all caps, because that's not annoying as hell or anything) and "You want to fuck?"

Part of me has to laugh at these things. I've come to expect them, I have that I'm open to casual sex on my profile, and I know there are people who search just for that. But honestly, I was curious, because what kind of girl response positively to that? I asked both if they ever got good reactions to that pick up. They both stated they had. I politely declined both offers and both boys were nice enough to leave me alone after I did. However, I have to wonder how often a girl answers yes to such advances, and at 3 in the morning, what do you do? Meet? Cyber? Webcam? (if anyone knows I'd love to hear it.)

I'm thinking of doing a social experiment and IMing random boys with things like "You wanna fuck?" and "YOU WANT VAG?" to see what happens. If I get the balls to do it, I promise I'll report back.

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  1. Ya know, I've always wondered the same thing. I used to belong to an adult forum, and because I posted pictures of myself, I would get messages like this all the time. >.< What a headache.