Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick updates

Hey kiddies,

I know posting has been a bit erratic, but I am keeping up with at least once a week as best as I can. I have my birthday coming up this weekend, and grad school applications, in Feb, but hopefully, after that everything should be back to normal and I'll be posting more often again. I also have a real post coming up for you soon, and many ideas on the back burner (which is exciting because I was scared I was going to run out of ideas.) But first, I have some exciting news.

I've been chosen to be a toy reviewer/affliate for sextoy.com! I will be getting toys to review, which I will be doing biweekly if not weekly. (Those reviews would be in addition to my normal posts, I'm not suddenly changing to just a review site I promise). I do want to make a quick disclaimer though. There are things sold on the site that I do not like, and I do not agree with and would never endorse. They are there, but you will never see them here. I will only be reviewing toys that are silicone or some other non porous, non toxic material. I will not put anything in my body that I'm not sure of, and I will never tell you to either.

That said, there are a lot of really fantastic toys on the site, and I'm excited to get my first batch to review. Also, my mail never gets to my apartment, so I'm getting everything shipped to my parent's house. My mother knows about my blog, and I told her I would be getting packages that she wouldn't want to open. I explained that I was getting sex toys. Our conversation went as follows
Mom- So why the hell can't I open them?
Me- Because I don't want your used sex toys mom!
Mom- So you're getting toys and I can't play with them? You suck!
Me- Yep
Mom- I'll bring them up when I come up next week. Love you bye
Me- Love you

This is why my mom rocks.

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