Saturday, January 2, 2010

Condom Alert!

Hey everyone. I plan on posting the obligatory recap of the past year/hopes for the comming year entry soon, but in the midst of an insane weekend, I wanted to give you some quick information I just learned. I'm stated before that I have a latex allergy. That leaves me the having to by more expensive, harder to find, and less versatile non latex condoms. I'm spending the weekend with a new potential dom, and had two condoms in my bag, one durex avanti, and one trojan supra. (I know that some people can only use sheep skin condoms, but they DO NOT protect again HIV, so I don't consider them an option at all for me.) We had sex with the durex condom without a problem, however when we tried again with the trojan condom, we couldn't get it on. The boy is a bit....ahem... larger then average, and the condom couldn't be rolled past about halfway down his cock.

There is no option out there for a non latex magnum-esque (ie for those with large penises) condoms. It frustrates me that this is the case. Yes, non latex are more expensive, but they are the only option for a large amount of the population, and not accommodating for those that are likely to break or not be able to use normal sized condoms is a gross oversight in my opinion. So, to recap, is seems as if Durex condoms are a either a little bigger or stretchier, so if you're planning on using a non latex condom with a large guy, this is your best option. Just looking out for my fellow allergy sufferers out there. So that's all I wanted to say for today kiddies, so as always, this is cleofaye saying, if you don't know, ask, and if you're unsatisfied, give direction... oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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