Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rope pictures

So yeah, not letting me put the pictures in the last post.... so here is just a smathering of pics I took from the class, some of me, most of my roommate with different ties.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rope Bondage Classes!!!!

So you all know I took bondage classes at Passional's Sexploratorium with the fantabulous Ms. Klawdya Rothschild. She was fantastic. She was patient, articulate, knew her shit, and had a fun personality that kept the two hour classes interesting. My only real complaint? She's fucking distracting. Look at this girl, she is hot, and frankly, her low cut shirt and tendency to lean over to check everyone's ropes left me slightly smitten.

The first class I took was Bondage 101. I've been tying people up for years, but I've always been a very utilitarian rope person. Them to the bed, or thier arms together, a quick knot and I was done. I had tried years ago to learn harnesses out of Midori's The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage but couldn't understand it at all and just thought I would always be useless at rope. (Nothing against the book, since the ex I bought it for used it all the time and got really good at a bunch of the harnesses, but apparently I can't learn from pictures.)

I took the class mainly so I could talk about it for the blog, I really didn't think I would do that well. I sat down in a coed class of about twelve people (2 couples, the rest singles). We talked a good deal about safety, everything from getting a pair of emt scissors to checking for weakness in limbs. She also made handouts of the information for everyone to take home (a nice touch, I love hand outs, it makes me think back to being a pain in the ass grade schooler). She went over rope structure, materials, and lengths, giving a decent amount of information without taking up too much time. Finally, we got to the good stuff. We learned a couple basic knots, then Klawdya showed us how pretty much all bondage is a combo of those knots. She would demonstrate, tying herself up, and hobbling around the class to check everyone's work and tug on our knots. Her finale was to tie one of my classmates into a full body harness, giving a quick explanation how it was done. I left the class back in love with rope and eager to practice. I had plans of tying up my roommate and was disappointed that he wasn't home, so I practiced a few things on myself.

The next day, I woke up, woke up my roommate, the fabulous Pistol in Bed Thirteen, and told him to get some clothes on, I was tying him up to practice before class. Klawdya taught us that "clothes are the enemy of bondage" so I was running around, tying up his various body parts while he sat there in his underwear. I finished by putting him in a full body harness, which considering I'd only seen it done once and had never tried it before, I thought turned out pretty well.

I ventured back out in a ridiculous storm for the self bondage class. I walked in and the atmosphere was very different. There were only three of us in the class, one woman who had been in the 101 class with me the day before and Kali, the owner of passional. We were encouraged to take our shoes off and sit on the floor which had been covered in a blanket and cushy pillows. We stretched and talked about the sensuality of rope, pulling across different body parts and feeling how different it felt on our arm versus our chest versus our ankle. We then talked again about safety and how, when doing self bondage you can take extra precautions. We then tied our wrists and learned to do it behind our own back. We tied our boobs up in chest harnesses and suspended our ankles from them. (I'm going to take a quick aside here to brag that Klawdya was showing us how to make a strap for the harness to help our boobs hold of the weight of our leg, she looked at me and was like, you don't see to need it, those things are holding strong on their own. Yep, my boobs are a little huge and apparently very resilient.) I spent a lot of time in chest harnesses in my early BDSM days and I had forgotten how good it felt and how much I liked it. I quickly went home, stripped off most of my clothes and was tying myself back up in minutes.

Unfortunately, I had to miss Sunday's suspension class due to SEPTA being hateful, but overall, I really enjoyed the classes and I loved Klawdya. She was nice, fun, and accessible, telling us to email her or tweet her or whatever if we had a question, noting that she has photo shopped pictures to give instructions on how to change things. I loved the classes and I thank her for reminding me how much I love rope. I would love to take something else by her and look forward to going to a suspension class as soon as I can find one. So check out Klawdya's website, and see if rope bondage is something you want to do too. That's all for me so I'll sign off as always by saying, if you don't know, ask, and if you're unsatisfied give direction!

P.S. I took pictures of myself and the fab roommate tied up, but for some reason blogger is being hateful and not letting me publish them... I'll have them up as soon as I can... everyone wants to see a cute beardy boy in nothing but briefs and rope right? Getting right on that....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

elust #3


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Restraint - “Do you like what you see?” the blonde asks. “Are you excited by what’s before you?” the redhead enquires. He nods.

What Not to Fetishwear - DON'T wear a PVC sleeveless vest if you fall into the rotund category. You will look like a bowling ball. With chubby arms.

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Fucking for Art - The proximity of their nakedness and my scrutiny resulted in this beautiful agony of arousal for them both. I asked if they would feel comfortable doing some poses of vaginal penetration for me, and they readily agreed.

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Ask me things!

I'm just popping in before the the big rope bondage class post (with pictures of my sexy room mate tied up in his underwear!) to let you know, that in an attempt to make myself as accessible as possible I've set up a formspring account. You can submit questions anonymously or by logging in through the site, and you can do it right on that convenient little sidebar option. So ask me anything I haven't answered for you yet, and feel free to go outside the realm of sex, or more kinky then I've covered here. If it's popular, I'll post answers here, if not, I'll just use it as a gauge of what people still want to hear about. So go ahead kiddies, Ask me anything!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So I posted yesterday that I had so much fun at my bondage classes. This is still true, but after taking the classes Friday and Saturday, I was even more excited for the class I had signed up for on Sunday. I have wanted to try suspension since I first saw my first example of Shibari over 5 years ago. The idea of just letting go and letting my body relax in the air. I've always had the desire to feel... I don't know... in the air. I've wanted to budgie jump, sky dive, anything that put me up in the air and allowed me to feel free, even if only for a moment. Repelling off a wall or hanging from my knees and letting my hands go have always felt amazing to me.

So signing up for the suspension class this weekend was a no brainer. I loved the instructor and was excited when I heard her say that multiple people were going to get the opportunity to be suspended.I was nervous when I got up this morning. I rechecked everything, making sure I had my rope prepped and in my bag. I know that Philly's public transit is spotty at best, and we had a snow storm that dumped over a foot on the city. I left an hour before my class and trudged out to the corner to wait. I waited, and waited, and waited. I called the store 45 minutes later to tell them I was going to be late. After an hour and 15 minutes in the cold, my roommate texts me to let me know that septa has suspended service on my bus line. (I had seen another line running so I knew septa was running in general). They had also suspended the next closest south bound bus line. It was now 10 minutes into the class and to get there it would take another hour at least bwtween the buses and walking. Resigned, I walked back to the apartment and called to say I wouldn't be coming after all.

I'm a little heart broken, and annoyed at my wasted 20 bucks. I won't downplay the other classes I went to, I learned a lot, and really did have a whole lot of fun, but I was looking forward to this one most of all. I know I'll get another shot. I'll be looking for another class, either here or in NYC, but I'm mad to have missed my chance.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lookie What I Can Do!

Hey everyone, I took a couple bondage classes this weekend (I have another one tomorrow.) I'll write everything up for next week with links and picks of my fabulous roommate letting me practice on him, but for now, just check out what I had to put myself back into when I got home from Self Bondage class.

Titty fucking

So in a post about titty fucking, there is one thing that has to be established right off the bat. I have big boobs. They used to be huge boobs, but I've lost some weight and switched birth control and they have shrunken down to a respectable D cup. I've heard titty fucking is possible with small boobs, but I have no idea. I've never been interested in doing it with a strap on, and I have no experience with having small boobs (I was a C cup at 13. Seriously.)

I think titty fucking is, in essence, a selfish act. I'm not saying that's a bad thing or that it's bad to be a selfish lover on occasion (hey, sometimes you've got to look out for your own damn orgasms.) I'm also someone who gets off on making the other person cum, (plus I orgasm really quickly, so I don't require much work.) so I generally enjoy people who are a little selfish in bed. I've heard of girls who can have breast orgasms, but I've never met one, and I'm under the impression it's not particularly common. So without that added benefit, having someone rub their cock in between your boobs doesn't really feel all that great.

I was for a very long time, very opposed to being titty fucked (I'm trying to come up with more terms for this, I'm at a loss.) despite having my roommate call my eighteen year old (and much, much more conservative and sexually repressed) self "One of the few, the proud, the titty fuckable!" I have many holes, many of which are open for penis and will be much more fun for me. But P asked, and I'm up for anything, so I tried it.

I'm still not the hugest fan, but if someone really likes it, I can live with it. There are a couple of things to think about, so here, as usual, is my dos and don'ts list.

DO think about positioning. If you're partner is like 250 pounds, having them sit on your chest might not be the best idea (yeah, learned that the hard way). Also, if you like having more control try having them sit and you leaning over them, it's much easier for those easing into the idea.

DO use lube. Yes the skin on the penis is pretty soft, and likely so is the skin between your boobs, but things will just move much quicker with a little lube.

DO use your hands. Squeezing your tits together for a tighter fit feels better for the guy and frankly, it's just hot to look at.

DON'T forget to make it enjoyable for her. Play with her nipples, or encourage her to play with her pussy while you hold her boobs. Make sure she's enjoying herself and she'll be more likely to want to do it again.

DO use other parts of your body. If you get tired, feel free to use your hands for a little while, also, feel free to lick or suck the head of your partner's cock as it comes up between your boobs.

DO be prepared for the aftermath. If you intend on making your partner cum from this, most likely, there will be cum (you know, unless your partner is using a strap on, or into tantric sex or something like that. If so, send them my way, no cum orgasms sound like fun). If they let it sneak up on them, and considering their positioning, you could get a load in the face, or at the very least a pearl necklace. I've talked before about facials and cum in general, but I want to just reiterate that you need to have clean up materials handy (baby wipes, paper towels, or a CLEAN cum towel) and if you're really uncomfortable with having cum on your face you should let them know beforehand.

So go out there, and try some titty fucking. By the by, I would love to hear from some small boobied girls and their experience with titty fucking. So feel free to comment or email me directly at cleofaye01 at So that's it for me today and I'll sign off as always with, if you don't know, ask, and if you're unsatisfied, ask direction!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: Ben Wa Balls by Nasstoys

So J, the poly girl that I occasionally play with, was roped into having a nookie party at her house. I will be reviewing the party itself soon, but for now, I'm reviewing one of the items I bought while there. I've been looking for a Kegel Exerciser for a while, but the ones I have seen in store were either too big for me, too small, or were the kind you were required to lie down and use (and I'm not a lie there and squeeze my pussy kind of girl, I like the fact that I can exercise anywhere).

I was flipping through the catalog when I saw a ben wa ball set billed as a kegel exerciser. I was thrilled and plunked down my 16 (I think?) bucks to get it. I got them about a week later and was thrilled. However, that initial reaction was the only positive I really have about these things.

I know that this is just me, but why do companies like to make sex toys pink to make them unassuming? Does that just make it more obvious that it's a sex toy? But whatever, I can live with a pale pink sex toy if I like it enough. I could have sworn that I read that they were silicone, but pulling them out of the package released a plastic smell that literally reeks of phtalates. They claim to have a "silky smooth luxurious finish" and they did feel nice, almost like cyberskin, but I couldn't find anywhere on the package what it was actually made out of.

I sucked it up, and decided to test them, in the name of research and all that. Before describing putting them in I will say very quickly that I am an idiot, and you'll see why in a sec. I gave them a quick rinse, and decided, in the middle of my kitchen that I would just stick them in. I don't know why I didn't use lube, probably the above statement about my idiocy is to blame. I was generally a little wet, so I didn't think anything of it, but they were hard to get in and it took me two tries.

I was worried they would be loud, since they have internal balls that shift, but once they were in I couldn't hear them at all, neither could my roommate, I checked. These balls, according to the package allows you to "please yourself...any time... any place" however, my understanding was that the balls shifting works your kegel muscles more. I walked around, jumped up and down, even danced around to lady gaga (Don't judge, I fucking love her) but I couldn't feel any movement in my pussy. The didn't feel bad it, but they defiantly didn't feel good either.

However, the worse part for me was taking them out. The string was strung through the middle of both balls and covered in the same material, making it very sturdy, but pulling them out was unpleasant to say the least. The first one came out fine, but the pulling out the second, even though I was wet and I went slowly was very painful. My pussy ached for about an hour afterward.

All in all, this just wasn't the right toy for me. It didn't feel good, but that's probably because it was too big, so it didn't work my kegel muscles as well as something smaller would, and hurt to put in and take out. I also really don't like that I'm pretty sure it's leaching toxic chemicals into my chuff. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone for that reason alone, although I think the structure itself would be a good thing for someone who needed a little more work on their kegels.

I give this specific toy a 1 out of 5 stars, but I would give the same toy in a different material a 3, not for me, but a good toy for someone else.

E lust #2

Twisted Monk as The Bad CopPhoto courtesy of Twisted Monk (photo credit

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Forever…“Forever is a beautiful idea, a wonderful goal, but it’s not a magic spell.

His First Fuck - “He stood there, obviously nervous, obviously aroused by what he had been witness to seconds earlier.”

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


I read about this holiday wishlist meme on Hey epiphora's site and thought it was a really nice idea. I'm working on granting a few of her wishes, and decided to create a list of my own.

Step One
- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered…whatever you’re comfortable with) to your LJ or Myspace or Blog. The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
- If you wish for real possible things, make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it’s your address or just an email address at which you can be contacted by potential wish-grantors, real or imaginary.
- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your post, so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two
- Surf around your friends list/blogroll/RSS feeds (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list.
- If you see a wish you can grant, and it’s in your heart to do so, make someone’s wish come true. Sometimes someone’s trash is another’s treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you won’t use–or even know where you could get someone’s dream purebred Basset Hound for free–do it.

You needn’t spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn’t to put people out, it’s to provide everyone a chance to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not–it’s your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just…wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you’ll have the joy of knowing you made someone’s holiday special.

So here is my wish list for this holiday season.

1. A graphic designer. I need help with my blog. A banner, maybe a background and some business cards. I want to change the look, but don't know quite what I want, so anyone who could help me figure it out would be great.

2. A day, or weekend in NYC. I can get myself up there, but I would love a place to crash for the night and/or a local to take me around and show me some fantastic places in the city

3. Some info on the BDSM community. I want to get more into the scene, but honestly, I don't really know where to start. I have a profile on Fetlife and I'd love some more friends or advice. (any bdsm toys/restraints or anything would of course be welcome as well)

4. I'd love some good dyke-y/genderqueer porn. I have a couple crash pad videos and superfreak, but I'm looking for more.

5. A make up brush set. I got mine from target a few years ago and between my dog chewing the ends and lots of use, they're showing their age and starting to loose bristles

6. A full time fuck buddy. I'm not actually expecting anyone to be able to give me this, but I'm just putting it out in the universe that I'm not asking for a boy/girlfriend, just someone who wants to have sex as much as I do, and who would like to have sex with me. (It's been far too long since I've had sex on the regular)

7. A chance to see Lady Gaga. I love her so much and couldn't get tickets to her show in Camden. Pretty much anywhere, if you could get the tickets and gave me like 2 weeks notice, I could get there.

8. Ads for my blog. I don't advertise here because I only know of the ads through blogger, and I want to be sure my ads are sex positive and things I would actually endorse, so if you have something you think I'd like, I'd love to advertise it here, just let me know.

9. Good vibes for my grad school applications. I'm getting together my application for a Couples and Family Therapy master's program with a concentration in Sex therapy. I'm really nervous about it, and honestly, I'd just love some good vibes coming my way.

10. Any high end vibrator. I've tried generic bullets, but I don't really like them. Everyone raves about things like the Eroscillator, and the Hitachi Magic Wand and I wonder if I'm missing something.

11. A g spot specific toy. I've never had something designed for G spot stimulation, I've always improvised with my normal toys. I'd like to see if they get the job done better.

If you can grant any of my wishes, either comment here or email me at cleofaye01 at

So that's it kiddies. I'm listing below the other wishlists I know about, and if you have one, just let me know in the comments and I'll add yours as well. So if you can, grant a wish (even if it's not mine) and let me know if there is anything we can grant for you! So this is cleofaye as always saying, if you don't know, ask, and if you're unsatisfied, give direction.

Other wishlists:

Hey epiphora


Essin Em

Garnet Joyce


Friday, December 4, 2009

Does this shit happen to other people? Part 3

So it has become a running gag among my friends that I am "the worst lesbian ever." I'm inclined to agree, one since I don't really define as a lesbian, or really anything for that matter, and two because I will fully admit to having waaay too many men in my bed to call myself a self respecting lesbian.

But in general the argument against my "lesbianism" runs as follows (keep in mind that yes, this is all a joke, so yes these are all stereotypes, we're aware):

1. I like penetration over almost any other kind of stimulation

2. I pretty much hate all oral sex

3. I don't talk about feelings or my relationship with my partner

4. I hate cuddling

5. I don't do slow, kissing, loving sex

We're now going to add something else to the list that I generally don't make public knowledge, but hell, it's funny, and if anyone else has heard of it, maybe it's my readers, so here it goes. I'm allergic to chuff. Yep, allergic. Not to my own, that the good lordessa for that, but yes I'm allergic to pussy.

It all started with my first girlfriend K. I had started a new medication not that long into our relationship and a few weeks after starting it, I noticed a small cluster of red bumps near either corner of my mouth. They looked like tiny little pimples but never came to a head. They didn't really itch or hurt, but they annoyed me and I was sure it was from the medication. I went back to my doctor and when he asked me side effects, I pointed to my face.

He leaned in close and said, (and yes, this is a real quote, I shit you not) "It looks like you have the yeastie beasties" yep, that's what he said. He explained my skin was having an allergic reaction to a new kind of yeast, wrote me out a script for a topical cream and sent me on my way. He just stated briefly that he didn't know how I could have gotten it, and honestly, it didn't click at all at the time. It wasn't until a few nights later, face deep in K's chuff that I realized where exactly I had gotten it from.

I continued to use the cream everyday. The bumps cleared up and never came back. I made sure to wash my face after oral sex and it wasn't a big deal. After K, aside from a one night stand, which I walked out of the room to wash my face pretty much as soon as she'd come, I was with trans girls or men, so didn't have to worry about it. It wasn't until I started hooking up with J. It had been years (yes years! so sad, I know) since I had eaten pussy. I had completely forgotten about the "yeastie beasties" We had sex, I ate her out, and I went to sleep. I few days later, sure enough, the red bumps were back with a vengeance.

I actually found the old cream, but it has long since expired. I tried tee tree oil, advice from my hippie roommate, but while it tingled and stung a little, it didn't do anything to clear it up. I now have to face the prospect of going to my new primary and explaining that I get a rash from eating pussy. I keep looking for holistic treatments, but so far, I haven't been successful. For right now I've been washing my face a lot and getting her off other ways while I figure it out. So yeah, I'm allergic to pussy. I argue that may, in fact, make me the worst lesbian in the world. So the secret is out. I now have to remember to explain to girls before hand why I run to the bathroom after eating them out (then remember to actually do it, a shame since I so love cum and sort of enjoy the feeling for a little bit at least) and explain it has nothing to do with them or their beautiful, amazing, wonderful pussies.

So has anyone else ever had this happen or does this kind of shit only happen to me? If you've heard of it, had it, or know any good all natural cures, I'd love to hear them. So that's it for me kiddies, as always, I sign off with, if you don't know, ask, if you're unsatisfied, give direction!

Become a fan on facebook!

Look at me being all techie. I made myself a little facebook company page so now, my lovely readers, you can become a fan on facebook. I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to be putting up on it yet, but I'll love some discussion forums or feedback from fans. If you join, drop me a line and tell me you're from the blog (I had like 85 fans before I put a single word on, so apparently no, becoming a fan doesn't actually mean you have ever been to the blog), I'd love to hear from you. I can friend you back, there can be liking of things, and all sorts of facebook funness. So go ahead a do it kiddies fan me, I'll make it worth your while (though I have no idea how as of yet).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Links Galore 3

Yes, it's that time again when Ms. Cleofaye is a little overwhelmed with life and giving you some links to explore while I take a little bit of a break. First some quick admin updates.

1. I think you probably noticed, but I posted the first addition of e[lust]last week. It's similar to Sugasm, which I did before. I'm actually a volunteer and I help put it together.

2. Due to both grad school applications and my not always stable mental status updates on the page might be a bit spotty for the next few months. I'm still banking ideas on what to write, so if you have any questions, send them my way, I love getting emails from you. I'm going to try and keep it to twice a week, once a week at the absolute least.

So here are some links to play with while I'm gone.

Here are some pussy eating positions. There are a million places to find sex positions, so I thought some oral sex positions would be a good change.... plus, they're 3d, fun!

Here is an article from the british paper the daily mail. 1 in 20 women has NEVER had sex sober. Read the article, realize how fucking depressing that is, then go out there, fuck someone with the lights on stone cold sober, because you are a sexy sexy bitch, all you need to do is believe that.

Here's an article about scary sex toys, and I don't mean scary good like a domme that special gleam in her eye, I mean scary like should be banned. I will be making my own list soon of sex toys you should never buy, but here's a list to get you started.

I've discussed Midori before, she's a kinky sex educator and one of my idols. She wrote this article called "how herpes saved my life." It's interesting, a little scary, and completely brave. It made me think about a lot of things like safe sex and the STD stigma. Read it.

That's it for me for now kiddies. Love you all, and as always, if you don't know ask, and if you're unsatisfied, give direction!