Sunday, December 20, 2009


So I posted yesterday that I had so much fun at my bondage classes. This is still true, but after taking the classes Friday and Saturday, I was even more excited for the class I had signed up for on Sunday. I have wanted to try suspension since I first saw my first example of Shibari over 5 years ago. The idea of just letting go and letting my body relax in the air. I've always had the desire to feel... I don't know... in the air. I've wanted to budgie jump, sky dive, anything that put me up in the air and allowed me to feel free, even if only for a moment. Repelling off a wall or hanging from my knees and letting my hands go have always felt amazing to me.

So signing up for the suspension class this weekend was a no brainer. I loved the instructor and was excited when I heard her say that multiple people were going to get the opportunity to be suspended.I was nervous when I got up this morning. I rechecked everything, making sure I had my rope prepped and in my bag. I know that Philly's public transit is spotty at best, and we had a snow storm that dumped over a foot on the city. I left an hour before my class and trudged out to the corner to wait. I waited, and waited, and waited. I called the store 45 minutes later to tell them I was going to be late. After an hour and 15 minutes in the cold, my roommate texts me to let me know that septa has suspended service on my bus line. (I had seen another line running so I knew septa was running in general). They had also suspended the next closest south bound bus line. It was now 10 minutes into the class and to get there it would take another hour at least bwtween the buses and walking. Resigned, I walked back to the apartment and called to say I wouldn't be coming after all.

I'm a little heart broken, and annoyed at my wasted 20 bucks. I won't downplay the other classes I went to, I learned a lot, and really did have a whole lot of fun, but I was looking forward to this one most of all. I know I'll get another shot. I'll be looking for another class, either here or in NYC, but I'm mad to have missed my chance.

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