Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: Ben Wa Balls by Nasstoys

So J, the poly girl that I occasionally play with, was roped into having a nookie party at her house. I will be reviewing the party itself soon, but for now, I'm reviewing one of the items I bought while there. I've been looking for a Kegel Exerciser for a while, but the ones I have seen in store were either too big for me, too small, or were the kind you were required to lie down and use (and I'm not a lie there and squeeze my pussy kind of girl, I like the fact that I can exercise anywhere).

I was flipping through the catalog when I saw a ben wa ball set billed as a kegel exerciser. I was thrilled and plunked down my 16 (I think?) bucks to get it. I got them about a week later and was thrilled. However, that initial reaction was the only positive I really have about these things.

I know that this is just me, but why do companies like to make sex toys pink to make them unassuming? Does that just make it more obvious that it's a sex toy? But whatever, I can live with a pale pink sex toy if I like it enough. I could have sworn that I read that they were silicone, but pulling them out of the package released a plastic smell that literally reeks of phtalates. They claim to have a "silky smooth luxurious finish" and they did feel nice, almost like cyberskin, but I couldn't find anywhere on the package what it was actually made out of.

I sucked it up, and decided to test them, in the name of research and all that. Before describing putting them in I will say very quickly that I am an idiot, and you'll see why in a sec. I gave them a quick rinse, and decided, in the middle of my kitchen that I would just stick them in. I don't know why I didn't use lube, probably the above statement about my idiocy is to blame. I was generally a little wet, so I didn't think anything of it, but they were hard to get in and it took me two tries.

I was worried they would be loud, since they have internal balls that shift, but once they were in I couldn't hear them at all, neither could my roommate, I checked. These balls, according to the package allows you to "please yourself...any time... any place" however, my understanding was that the balls shifting works your kegel muscles more. I walked around, jumped up and down, even danced around to lady gaga (Don't judge, I fucking love her) but I couldn't feel any movement in my pussy. The didn't feel bad it, but they defiantly didn't feel good either.

However, the worse part for me was taking them out. The string was strung through the middle of both balls and covered in the same material, making it very sturdy, but pulling them out was unpleasant to say the least. The first one came out fine, but the pulling out the second, even though I was wet and I went slowly was very painful. My pussy ached for about an hour afterward.

All in all, this just wasn't the right toy for me. It didn't feel good, but that's probably because it was too big, so it didn't work my kegel muscles as well as something smaller would, and hurt to put in and take out. I also really don't like that I'm pretty sure it's leaching toxic chemicals into my chuff. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone for that reason alone, although I think the structure itself would be a good thing for someone who needed a little more work on their kegels.

I give this specific toy a 1 out of 5 stars, but I would give the same toy in a different material a 3, not for me, but a good toy for someone else.

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