Friday, November 6, 2009

Spicing it up: Foot Worship

Today I want to discuss a topic that I find to be a lot of fun, but can be really polarizing. Some people love feet. Some people are completely disgusted by feet. I am fine with both camps and have had sexual partners on both sides of the extreme. I have no dependency on foot worship as a sexual practice, but it can be something fun to add to the mix if both partners are into it.

Ever since I was a child, I never liked people touching my feet. I never knew why, but it was "a thing" with me. Something I couldn't articulate, but was very firm about. It became a long running gag with my friends and family to try to touch my feet and play with my toes. I refused to get pedicures or foot rubs, even if I had been on my feet for hours and they were killing me. I never understood why it made me so uncomfortable. I had never been one of those girls who had "pretty feet." I didn't have awful feet, they had high arches and were nice enough to look at, but I never had painted toenails and had rough feet, the result of a life spent barefoot as often as possible.

I first time I had any experience with foot play was when I was a sub with P. I was tied with my hands together above my head, on my stomach. P came up behind me, grabbed my foot, and started kissing the bottoms of my feet, something he had always told me he wanted to do, but that I had never allowed him to do in general. but I had never allowed him to do. I was shocked at how sensitive my foot was. I had never expected to feel anything erotic in my feet, since they were notoriously rough. I loved the way it felt, but I was still uncomfortable with the idea of him playing with my feet in general, P lost interest, and my playing with my feet sort of fell by the wayside.

After P and I broke up, I had a string of girlfriends, all vanilla and distinctly uninterested in really anything kinky. I also, in that time got a rather large tattoo across the top of my left foot, something that is apparently well loved by foot enthusiasts, though I had no idea of that at the time. Then I met A, the kinkiest partner I had ever been with, a complete sub, who confessed very early that he wanted nothing more then for me to force him to worship my feet. He begged me for pictures of them before we met and when we did get together he rubbed, sucked, and licked them with practiced skill. He however, was skeeved by my habit of going barefoot, and rarely touched my feet unless I was fresh out of the shower. Not long after we broke up, I developed the habit of constantly wearing socks and pampering my feet, something I've decided is worth the effort to keep them foot worship ready.

After A, I found M though an ad on craigslist that smacked of inexperience and a need for someone like myself. I offered him my feet to play with, and he offered me 100 dollars for the privilege. I ended up meeting him but not taking the money. When I did met up with him, he rubbed, licked, and kissed my feet in a way that said he was both very turned on and that it wasn't something he was allowed to do often. I then allowed him to come all over them. Being with him showed me how serious foot worship can be for some people.

Now, with all this varied experiences, I have, of course picked up a few pointers here and there, and here they are, in bullet form, cause, you know, everything in life should be in bullet form.

- DO figure out what the foot kink is about. For some people, it's humiliation, for some, it's the look and feel of feet, for others, it's the smell. Talk about what specifically turns them on so you can tailor the experience to their turn ons.

- DO pamper yourself first. Invest in a pumice stone, some good lotion, and some good thick socks to lock in the moisture. If you're into that kind of thing, get a pedicure. Yes you're feet will be sensitive without thinge pamper, but they will be more sensitive after pampering.

- DON'T assume the session has to be all about feet. If you or you're partner (or both of you for that matter) are interested in feet but don't want to focus completely on them, feel free to incorporate them into a normal sex session. Having the girl on her back during sex with her legs in the air is perfect positioning to lick and suck her toes while you're having sex.

- DON'T be afraid to mix it up, try a bunch of different things if you're not sure what your partner likes, you can always custom tailor the experience based on their reactions.

Things to try
- Feeding off feet. Either something you can pick up with your toes (grapes, strawberries and the like) or something that can be licked/sucked off (like whipped cream or frosting) (Just a quick side note, I only like sweet foods with sex, but if you’re really digging the idea of eating olives or something off your partner’s feet, go for it)
- A foot massage with lube, lotion, or massage oil, not only does it lube things up for further play, it feels amazing, especially after a long or particularly stressful day at work
- A foot job. Yes, it's just what it sounds like. Use that lube, lotion or oil, lay on your back, (make sure he's in a position where you don't have to hold your legs up high, you want to minimize the amount of effort, since they are way more strenuous then you'd think) and use the arches of your feet together to rub up and down your partner's cock. Use your toes to play with their balls or the head of their cock. Just be warned, it's way harder then you think it's going to be, and it's more then likely that you'll run out of steam before they come, but as with everything, you'll build up stamina and get used to it with practice. (I don't mean to be heteronormative here, but I've never been exposed to women who wanted feet in their chuffs. If you're out there ladies, I'd love to hear from you and get your input on foot play, but as of right now, I'm of the opinion that it seems to be predominately male.)

- Finally, DO let them come on your feet. For a lot of foot enthusiasts, this is just as good as a face shot, the clean up is a lot easier, and there is no risk of it getting in your eye.

That's it for tonight kiddies. For all you foot players out there, speak up, tell your partners, try it out! This is cleofaye signing off with if you don't know ask, and if you're unsatisfied, give direction.

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  1. Foot jobs need not require the top to do much work. If the top sits on a chair of the edge of the bed, the bottom can lay flat on the floor, and rub zir genitals on the dangling foot or feet.

    Being the owner of a cock, I've found that one foot feels nice but it's almost impossible for me to climax. With both feet and a lot of lube, with my partner holding still, I can sometimes orgasm by wriggling my hips to rub my cock against them. If I really want to come, though, it's much easier if I am allowed to use my hands to stabilize her feet while I rub against them.