Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Older Couple

I wrote earlier about being propositioned for a threesome via twitter. I said that I would keep you updated if I decided to go for it. I agreed at the time, but she lives in DC, and her boyfriend lived in NYC, so coordinating all of us getting together was difficult. She was going to be in the city this past weekend, and I had volunteered to come up for it about a month ago. However, she and her boyfriend were booked for the weekend, so we agreed we'd figure it out eventually but that it probably wasn't going to be any time in the immediate future. Then early last week, I got a direct message from her saying that the couple that they had been planning on meeting fell through and invited me to come up to meet them on Saturday night.

To be honest, I was a little freaked. I've had threesomes before, and I've met people through the internet to have sex before, but for some reason this felt like it was crossing some sort of different line. I don't have many lines left in life, so when I find them, I'm always a little scared of how I'm going to react if I cross them. I took a day to think, talked to a couple of my non judgemental friends, and made up my mind. In terms of safety, it was much less risky then a lot of my previous exploits. I had this woman's twitter handle, and had interacted with her for months online. She was also pretty well incorporated into my twitter world, having interacted with a number of my friends as well. I wasn't worried. I told them I'd take the train and meet them in penn station.

I was really nervous Saturday morning. I started grooming hours before I needed to. I showered, shaved, powdered, put on make up, and sat there in my towel, having tons of nervous energy and no idea what to do with myself to get rid of it. I tried on dozens of shirts before finding one that showed off my cleavage enough for my satisfaction. I also put on my sexiest heels, then got in my car on the way there. I took the train up, and met them outside of penn station. They were older then I had thought talking to her online, but they were both very attractive.

They took me out to dinner and drinks, paying for everything. I think it was one of the first times in my life I was taken out all night without it being some sort of special occasion. They were fantastic. M, the woman and D, the man were as open sexually as I am, something I rarely find. They were smart, funny, articulate and interesting. They were everything I wish I could have, but have yet to find, in dates my own age. D is Italian, as in off the boat, as in sexy as hell accent and open European sexual mores. M seemed as much like me sexually as any other woman I've ever met. On our way out of the bar, M asked what we were going from there. I said I would leave it up to them, since I'm always worried that people aren't as into me as I am into them.

She asked if I wanted to come back to the apartment, I told them I did, so we went to D's apartment (which, just fyi, was in a gorgeous building in a place I can only hope to be able to afford someday). It was about midnight and me and M were commiserating about the fact that we were a little sad because we were both more then a little tired. We started watching tv when M told us she was feeling really tired and wasn't up to playing, but she was fine with D and I playing without her. We contiuned watching tv when D, in the most polite way I'd ever encountered, he moved towards me and asked if it was ok, while I was watching tv, for him to "play" with me. He even said I could keep watching tv if I wanted. Between that and the accent, it was the most charming request for sex I'd ever had.

I agreed and he started playing with my boobs over my clothes. I stripped off my shirt and bra and both M and D started stroking my boobs and playing with my nipples. D pulled off my pants and underwear (something I was a little disappointed to find was the fact that even boys old enough to be my father don't stop to admire my underwear, regardless of the fact that I carefully chose some of my cutest undies.) He started going down on me, and while it was hot and a fun experience, I wasn't that excited. I'm not a big fan of oral and I figured it was going to be just another incident of a guy going down on me forever, thinking I should be in heaven when really, I'm just bored and thinking about when I can kick them out.

However, D started fingering me. The man knew what he was doing, and picked up on my reactions enough to realize that he'd figured out what I wanted. He fingered fucked me for what seemed like forever, I came almost the entire time, moaning, cursing and squirming on the couch between the two of them. When I started to come down from the last of my orgasms, I came to realizing that I was laying there completely naked between two fully clothed people who were stroking me on either side. I expected D to start taking off his clothing, start asking for reciprocation, but he just asked if I'd like to take a shower and started discussing sleeping arrangements. It wasn't until we were on the way back to the train station to get me on the last train back to Jersey that I realized that I had just had my first completely selfish sexual experience. I'm such a top normally that I insist on never going first, since I get so turned on getting others off. I've had many sexual encounters that involved me getting someone off and sending them home. I'd never been on the other side. If I had known that I wasn't going to reciprocate, I probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself the way I did.

I don't think I stopped smiling the entire way home, even though I could barely keep awake. I've been in a good sex/life experience haze for days. I would love to get a chance to show what I can do, get them both off, have sex with both of them. I can only hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, and that they would like to see me again. Either way, I've realized that swinging may be the solution to my constant want for sex and my extreme dislike of dating. I look forward to more experiences like it.


  1. Ah, I love this story. Just visiting you for the first time today and enjoying it. I particularly like this story, because I am also getting on in age and like to hear stories where the old guy does ok! Thanks, you made my day!

  2. this sounds very hot.