Friday, November 27, 2009

Cyber sex

Just a quick aside before we get started. I usually won't count an e[lust] post as one of my posts for the week, but with going home to my parent's house, things were a little crazy this week. I still love you all I assure you. I try to keep to my schedule of twice a week as best as I can and will continue to do so, but just to warn you, things may get slightly erratic around Christmas. Anyway... back to our regularly scheduled program.

My family has always been on the cutting edge in the computer world. I remember having a computer at 6 or 7 with a black and orange screen I played (and sucked at, hey don't judge, I was 7) Dig Dug on. We signed up for AOL when I was in 9. By early junior high, I was already a pro at sex talk, though I had no idea what I was saying half the time.

As I got older, things got easier. Originally you would have to wander into chat rooms and find someone who wanted to IM. Even 13 year old boys with the best of intentions will go down the slippery slope of cyber sex with minimal encouragement. By the time I was in high school, and working well past midnight in the summer, I didn't even have to have the intention. If you had AOL, and were online past about 1 AM, people lost all pretense. I would have random IM windows pop up with strangers I didn't know asking the one word question: cyber?

I loved the anonymity the internet afforded me. I was painfully shy in real life, and terrified of sexuality, but online, I knew exact what I was doing. I crafted persona with skill. I was everything online that I wasn't in real life. I was a tall leggy blond (by the by, why is it always blond? I've been blond, I'm way hotter brunette, but for some reason, blond had that fantasy appeal). My name was Katie, Stacy, Tiffany, anything super feminine, I used every stripper name in the book.

I was sex personified for these guys. In the internet ether, I sucked them off, I rode them, I let them plow me doggy style. I let them tie me up, I let them smack me, I was anything and everything they wanted. Yet somehow, in all of this, I never realized I was supposed to be masturbating on the other side. I would sit and talk, I would describe in detail a fantastic sex scene and be completely disconnected. It took me years to understand that the wetness in my pussy had anything to do with what I was putting down in words. I tried masturbating during a session maybe once or twice in high school. I found the whole experience wholly unfulfilling and never bothered to try again.

With the advent of AIM and getting a roommate in college, my cybering days were pretty much behind me. However, I recently found myself in a shockingly familiar situation twice in a week. Both encounters started through twitter, to be carried out via gchat. As soon as the conversations were moved, I knew what was going to happen, though both men state they had no such intentions. I got myself off during the encounters, as well as getting the other participants off as well (I think. Who knows, maybe they were faking like I used to). I credit this both to my much improved masturbation techinques as well as an actual sexual investment in the encounter, having talked to both men previously in a non sexual way. With my recent ban on dating, I'm finding cyber sex to be a fun, safe, non preganacy producing way to get off. It's more engrossing then porn and I think it's something I'm going to keep up, even though it does feel a little old school.

I was going to give my how to advice, but everyone has to develop tier own style, just like in regular writing. I read a whole lot of porn in my day, and learned from there what I did and didn't like in terms of euphemisms and lovey vs. explicit language (I come down on the side of explicit, yes I know, you're completely shocked, but hey, I'm consistent.) The best advice I can give you is if you want to try it, go for it. Just picture what you like, or even your favorite porn. Feel free to make up yourself and/or your partner to be everything they're not, and just have fun with it. (or, if you're feeling lazy, just ask them what they would do to you and send them a "yeah" and an "oh that's fucking hot" every once in a while while you get off.) Alright kiddies, go out there and have the most crazy, ridiculous, completely implausible sex ever, online, anything is possible. I'm signing off, as always with, if you don't know, ask, and if you're unsatisfied, give direction!

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