Monday, October 5, 2009

Vaginal sex part 3: Doggy and Wildcard

Ok, so we've gone over the basics of vaginal sex, and a few positions, but we're not done yet, so off we go into the land of heterosexual vaginal sex for more positions and tips.

Doggy style (Yes, I know the technical name for this is "rear entry" who uses that shit, Do you really think you're going to turn anyone on by getting close to their ear, lips parted seductively, and whispering "I want you to fuck me in the rear entry position" But I don't think I've ever come across anyone who didn't love to be told fuck me "doggy style")- Doggy style is a crowd favorite for a lot of reasons. It allows the fucker a fabulous view of the fuckee's ass, it allows for deep, fast, hard penetration, and it's in almost every porn ever. It's fun, and it's easy to modify to take into account things like penis curve, and how far back the vagina is on the body (This actually varies a lot I've found. Who knew?) So here are a few quick tips on doggy style straight, vaginal sex (because trust me, we'll be talking about doggy style butt sex soon enough.).

- DO go full tilt. The more distinct the angle of the receiver's body, the more friction, and the better it feels. So all that crap in porn where the girl is on her hands and knees, forget it. You're going to want to be on your shoulders or elbows at the highest. This also allows you a free hand to either play with your clit, or play with his balls, or go back and forth between both. Just be careful that you don't lose your balance (yep, yep, been there, done that). If it's too hard for you to keep your balance that way, guys, put one foot on the bed to raise your hips, or stand on the bed and squat (but that's can be hard to balance on too)

- DON'T just let him plow you! Be an active participant. Fuck back, use your kegels, reach of and play with his balls. If you're feeling really into it, tell him to stay still and just pump back and forth yourself. This way you'll control the depth, speed, and angle of the action and determine what's best for you.

- DO change it up. Yes, doggy style is classic porn fodder for the nameless, faceless pounding, but it doesn't have to be. Going slow, caressing her ass and keeping in constant contact can all keep the experience very intimate. Also, don't feel obligated to stay upright behind her, lay your chest along her back and wrap your arms around her chest or play with her clit. The more skin contact, the more romantic/intimate it feels.

- DO try pulling out. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing, but it's always kind of hot to be able to cum on a girl's ass. Just sayin.

Ok, I'm going to admit that those (Girl on top, Doggy, and some form of modified missonary) are the big three in my sex life, my go to positions. I'll just throw out a few wildcards that I'll take when I can get.

Sitting- I've never gotten the whole sitting on the bed indian style, rocking back and forth super intimate form of this I keep hearing about, it's so not my style. For this I need a couch or a chair or something (and I don't have any good chairs for this is my bedroom, and my roommate and I are close but not you-can-fuck-in-the-living-room close) which is why this one is pretty rare for me. There are two main ways you can do this.

- Facing each other. Have the girl straddle your lap, either on her knees or feet, hold on to the back of the chair behind you (I recommend a big lounger or something like that, this isn't for those wooden kitchen chairs) and go to town.
- Facing the same way. Depending on the length of both partners legs and the height of the chair, either straddle his legs, or have him spread his legs and balance between them, either way put your hands on his thighs for leverage and bounce up and down and grind to your heart's content.

I'll also say that you can fuck standing, but honestly kiddies, I'm short, like really short, like 5'2 short, and I have never managed to make this work. Theoretically it could work on steps I think, but again with the roommate not really being the voyeur type. If both partners are pretty close in height (use heels to help this out if you're close) or if the girl is a little taller, this will be a lot easier. You can also spread your legs to even the height difference if it's not too distinct. What can I say, I love my tall ones, even the shortest girl I've ever dated was over 5'10, and with that big of a height difference it's almost impossible.

So I think that's it kiddies, my last post on straight vaginal sex. It's all kink, queer, and interesting from here. These tips, as always, are just a guideline, if you find something that works for you, go for it, and just go with the moment. If it feels right to throw your leg over his shoulder, or you want to put a foot on the bed to change your penis angle, go for it and see what happens. Just have fun kiddies. That's all from your preventatively short hostess, cleofaye and remember, when in doubt, just ask, and when you're unsatisfied, give direction!

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