Sunday, October 4, 2009

Links Galore 2

I know I know, you're saying Cleofaye! A crappy links post? That's like those clip shows sitcoms put on to not have to write new content. Indeed it is kiddies, indeed it is. As per usual, heterosexual, vaginal sex has me staring at the screen blankly. I will power through by tomorrow night at the latest I promise, but here's something to hold you over until then.

As you know, I scour the interwebs for fun and interesting sex news. Here are some fun things I've found, with, of course a little snarky commentary from me.

10 weird ass condoms from Japan I don't really like condoms, who does, but these are so cute and in such fun neat packaging I would love to keep them on my bedside table. I especially like the kit kat knock off, they were one of my favorite candy bars as a child.

Myths about sexuality I'm hoping, dear kiddies, that if you read my blog regularly you already know this stuff, but it's always good to have someone dispel some myths. This is just a quick, fun little entry that packs some good information.

Snuggie Sutra
Because even though those things are ridiculously hideous, I still sort of want one, and lord knows I would be having sex in it.

Postman has been hoarding porn, toys, etc, for 10 years Yet another reason I like to buy my porn in person, even if I have to walk through the city with a sex toy bag that leads crazy men on the street to ask me what I got. (True story)

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