Saturday, October 17, 2009


Sorry, kiddies, but the entry is going to be late today. I would apologize, but I'm getting ready for the beyond fantabulous Kate Bornstein to come speak at our local LGBT bookstore, Giovanni's room, which with the closing of Oscar Wilde in NYC is now the oldest LGBT store in the country. They are currently trying to raise funds to reconstruct an outside wall that was deemed unsafe, and costs 55,000 dollars to replace. Ms. Bornstein is coming to support that. If you're in the philly area, I would highly, highly recommend you come. Details here.

Not only will her fabulousness be there, I will be too, working the door. Come see us kiddies, it promises to be an amazing time!


  1. Good luck with the foundraising. Wish I could be there. And give my love to Kate.

  2. Thanks! Kate and I actually mentioned you, we were talking of the fabulous people we would have never had contact with if it weren't for twitter.