Friday, September 25, 2009

Does this shit happen to other people?

So I'm just popping in for a quick story, I will be posting a longer normal post either today or tomorrow, but I came home from work today and had an experience I had to share. I've been having problems with my roof leaking pretty much since I moved in. They come, they fix it, it works for a while, then a month later it's dripping again. I've gotten used to people in my room. I always come home and the crap that's fallen from the ceiling that I've been too lazy to bother with (since every time I clean it up more falls the next day) has been swept up and teh broom is propped on my doorway, and I know they've been around.

Today was no different. I saw the broom and figured they were around. They had also moved a bunch of my stuff out of the way and cleared under the stairs, where it leaks worst. Then a bit of red caught my eye. The ends of the rope that I keep tied to my bed frame (easy access for tying up my favorite sub) were piled at the head and foot of my bed. Weird. Then I looked up and saw what you see pictured. My riding crop, which I'm sure was on my floor somewhere was carefully placed across my bedside table. There were also condoms (which my ex bought even though I told her that I can't use latex, and I've been trying to give away ever since, so don't take this as an endorsement of any kind)lube and a low temp candle on the night stand. I'm pretty sure they were all there already. My "goodie drawer" was also half way open, so lord knows the dildos, strap on harnesses, and anal sex manuals that he saw. Then I stepped closer and noticed that neatly placed under my riding crop was a small slip of paper with a name and phone number. I swear to god this shit only happens to me.

P.S. Sorry for the crap photo quality, I had to take it with my phone. Also, my dresser isn't as dirty as it looks, its the grain of the wood coming through my crap spray paint job.

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